5G Systems for Inclusion, Resilience and Sustainability as hosted by CCARPH

The private and academic sector came together for the “5G Systems for Inclusion, Resilience and Sustainability” Memorandum of Understanding Signing between the Ateneo de Manila University and PLDT-SMART. This MOU-signing signalled the launching of the 1st University Campus 5G Testbed in the Philippines.

The President of the Ateneo de Manila University, Fr. Jose T. Villarin, S.J. and the CEO of SMART-PLDT Manny V. Pangilinan led the signing of the MOU.  Ateneo VP for Administration Fr. Nemy Que, and Loyola Schools VP Dr. Maria Luz Vilches were witnesses of the signing along with their counterparts from SMART-PLDT, Chief Finance Officer Eric R. Alberto  and Senior Vice President Jovy Hernandez. 

The signing was held last April 25 (Thursday), 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the 3rd floor, E. Aboitiz Sandbox Zone, Arete Hub, Ateneo de Manila University.

The event was hosted by the Department of ECCE, Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines, the Ateneo Innovation Center and the Arete Creativity and Innovation Hub.

5G Communications Systems and applications are set to launch globally throughout this year, and PLDT-Smart and NOKIA are cooperating with the Ateneo de Manila University community and its network of partners to develop 5G use cases and business models that focus on the human and social aspects of this advanced communications technology platform.

During the signing event, Nokia, SMART and Ateneo exhibited and demonstrate use cases for remote education, sustainable agriculture and air quality monitoring, remote health care and water provisioning, resilient communications and other applications. In these demonstrations we will show a context for technology adoption and use that challenges advanced systems platforms such as 5G Communications to leverage its strengths and to create solutions that will promote inclusion, enhance the resilience of communities to disasters and to encourage sustainable development practices.

The NOKIA and PLDT-SMART exhibit happened simultaneous to the exhibit. It ran from April 25 (Thursday) to 26 (Friday), 8:00am – 5:00pm at the Aboitiz Sandbox Zone.


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