Presentation of CCARPH during the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, 2019

Congratulations Dr. Emma Porio of the Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines for successfully sharing her research on the value of addressing vulnerability reduction in resilience work. This was presented at the side-event “Towards a Better Resilience Dividend: Challenging parameters of current approaches to vulnerability reduction to avert loss and damage” during the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, 2019.

Dr. Porio is the Principal Investigator of Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines: Investing in Climate and Disaster Resilience, Ateneo de Manila University and Manila Observatory’s IDRC-supported project.

Alongside Dr. Porio, practitioners from ACT Alliance member organizations, winner & runner-up of the ACT Alliance Resilience Award 2019, shared their best practices from the field on addressing vulnerabilities in their multiple dimensions. Ms. Amie Dian Utami, from Yakkum Emergency Unit in Indonesia, presented on Empowering Grassroots Women to Build Community Resilience. Mr. Ghanashyam Bivas Neupane, from Integrated Self-help Association for Rural Development in Nepal, also presented on Best practice from Nepal: Gearing towards resilience and self reliance.

This side-event’s aim was for the participants to have a better understanding of the dimensions, elements, and extent of multi- dimensional vulnerabilities related to disaster risks, while being able to identify specific courses of actions that address these vulnerabilities, specifically those that can be articulated as social protection measures. After this event, the participants of this interactive side-event had a guided reflection  on the panel discussion, and proposed actions to take to enhance the resilience dividend for vulnerable communities.

This side-event was hosted by the Ateneo de Manila University and Manila Observatory, alongside ACT Alliance. It was held last May 13, 2019 in the Ecumenical Center in Geneva, Switzerland. 

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