Pasig City’s Mayor-elect Vico Sotto visits the CCARPH Sagip exhibit

The Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines welcomed  Pasig City’s Mayor-elect Vico Sotto to the Sagip exhibit – An Exhibition on Makeshift Disaster Intervention Technology, last June 14, 2019.  The incoming mayor visited the Sagip exhibit after his interview in “ALL KAPS, ATENEO LEVEL UP” with Noel Ferrer and 2019 Ateneo Loyola Schools Valedictorian Hyacenth Bendana.

CCARPH is coordinating with Pasig City as it is in the process of serving as the testbed for  its project outputs: the Systems Thinking Tools, the City Resilience Suites of Systems Thinking Tools, and the Systems-Dynamics Lens as well as the Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model.

The incoming mayor ran a campaign focus relentlessly on issues relevant to his stakeholders. And the CCARPH team hopes to continue their work with the Pasig City Government under his term.


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