CCARPH Featured in Public Lecture at Riga Technical University

Last October 17, 2019, Dr. Charlotte Kendra Gotangco Gonzales of the Systems Team of CCARPH delivered a public lecture at Riga Technical University entitled: “Systems Thinking for Resilience and Sustainability in Research and Practice.” The seminar was delivered in two parts:

(1) A Systems Approach to Resilience: Insights from Research
An integrative overview was given of recent and ongoing research applying systems thinking and systems dynamics modelling to the different facets of risk, resilience, and sustainability of Metro Manila, particularly in terms of flooding hazards. Examples included the learning and insights from the first Coastal Cities at Risk program, until the current CCARPH
(2) A University Experience of Sustainability and Resilience: Insights from Practice

As a university, we endeavor to "walk the talk," and put into practice what we teach about resilience and sustainability as strategic thrusts of the university. The university itself is also a system of environmental, economic, and social sub-systems working together to provide quality education, and more importantly, quality of life for our immediate community. Campus-based initiatives, along with insights and challenges from dealing with our different stakeholders were shared.

The network between Ateneo de Manila University, and Riga Technical University was established through the project Capacity-Building in Asia for Resilience Education (CABARET), which is an EU Erasmus+ co-funded programme grant. The scientific mission of Dr. Gotangco to Riga was partially supported by both CABARET and CCARPH projects. In addition to the public lecture, research meetings were conducted with collaborators Dr. Francesco Romagnoli, and PhD student Maksims Feofilovs to design a comparative study applying systems analysis to Riga and Metro Manila.

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