REPOST from The Philippine Star: DOST study bolsters VCO capacity vs COVID-19

“After six months of experiments in the study led by ADMU professor Fabian Dayrit, results showed that compounds from coconut oil and VCO, a readily available commodity in the Philippines, decreased coronavirus count by 60 percent to 90 percent at a low viral load.” Read more at: DOST study bolsters VCO capacity vs COVID-19

Photo from The Philippine Star Facebook page

Dr. Dayrit is a CCARPH Project Adviser, an Emeritus Professor at Ateneo de Manila Chemistry Department, and author to the popular book: “Coconut Oil: From Diet to Therapy” (Available on Anvil Publishing)

A video from Ateneo de Manila University’s (ADMU) official student publication, The Guidon, features the early stages of Dr. Dayrit’s research, see here

For more articles on VCO, see:
Dr. Clarete urges funding and support for research on VCO as COVID-19 treatment (link)
AIC Develops a Recipe for Yummy Coconut Yogurt – Get the Benefits of Probiotics in a Lactose-Free Yogurt and the Anti-Viral Properties of Coconut Oil (link)

This post was arranged by Ina Salas / CCARPH Project Management

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