“Baon sa Pagbangon” – Preparations for Adaptive Resilience with Buklod Tao Katatagan

The Buklod Tao Katatagan, Inc.‘s (BTKI) children and youth center, Buklod ng Kabataan, undertakes a creative workshop entitled, “Baon sa Pagbangon (Preparations for Adaptive Resilience)” launched on December 29, 2020, facilitated by Ms. Clarissa Mijares of the Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU). BTKI Co-Founder and President, Mr. Manuel “Ka Noli” Abinales, shares their experience and insights on his Facebook page.

With eight member-participants from the Buklod ng Kabataan, this capacity-building workshop kicked off with an orientation and discussion on: Resources for Community-based Arts Engagement for Resilience and Sustainability.

Baon (noun) in Filipino Tagalog commonly refers to supplies (food, token items, etc.) that one brings along on a journey.

This project recognizes that community members carry with them a wealth of experiences and information regarding risk management, and that we are learning from their lived realities.

From Baon sa Pagbangon (Preparations for Adaptive Resilience): Resources or Community-Based Arts Engagement for Resilience and Sustainability
In photo: Buklod Tao is a “people’s organization” in Brgy. Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal. A non-profit organization, Buklod Tao endeavors to have a “free, peaceful, and progressive community that is able to take care of themselves during a disaster.”

Buklod Tao Katatagan aims for Resilience that has Permanence, Community Ownership, Adaptiveness, Effectiveness, and Inclusion

Mr. Manuel “Ka Noli” Abinales, President & Co-Founder of Buklod Tao Katatagan, Inc.

BTKI is a community resilience partner of the Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines: Investing in Climate & Disaster Resilience (CCARPH) project, and the Master in Disaster Risk & Resilience (MDRR) program of ADMU. To view more engagements of CCARPH-MDRR with BTKI, click here.

This post was prepared by Ina Salas / CCARPH Project Management

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