15th APSA 2020 Two-day Webinar Featured in the ISA RC 15 Newsletter

The 15th Asia Pacific Sociological Association (APSA) Two-day Webinar on COVID-19, Climate, and Health was featured in the International Sociological Association (ISA) Research Committee on the Sociology of Health (RC 15) Newsletter, January 2021. In this issue, the APSA 2020 Co-convener, and ISA RC 15 (Sociology of Health) President, Professor Miwako Hosoda, welcomes the members to the new year; she reminds everyone of the committee’s role in light of the COVID-19 pandemic: Understanding the social aspects of illnesses and health inequalities, not only for academic development but also in solving social issues.

Read the RC 15 Newsletter at this link.[1]

The links to APSA 2020 webinar sessions are available at the APSA 2020 Manila Facebook page: Day 1: “COVID-19 Impacts on Health and Society” and Day 2: “Climate, COVID-19, and the City: Challenges to Recovery and Resilience”. The APSA 2020 Book of Abstracts is can be accessed at bit.ly/APSA2020BOA.

The 15th APSA 2020 Two-day Webinar on COVID-19, Climate, and Health was co-organized by the CCARPH project of Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines), with support from the International Development Research Centre – Canada, and in collaboration with Seisa University (Japan), Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), University of Sydney (Australia), University of the Philippines Visayas, Philippine Sociological Society, and the ISA RC 15 (Sociology of Health), and RC 46 (Clinical Sociology).

[1]Previous newsletter articles from the RC 15 (Sociology of Health) are available on the ISA website.

This post was arranged by Ina Salas / CCARPH Project Management Team

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