GEMMA: Documentary film on Dr. Narisma’s scientific legacy

This short documentary film features Dr. Gemma Teresa Narisma’s scientific legacy, and the Manila Observatory’s Cloud, Aerosol and Monsoon Processes Philippines Experiment (CAMP2Ex), in partnership with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This film was made in loving memory of Dr. Narisma, lead researcher in Work Package 1 of the Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines: Investing in Climate and Disaster Resilience (CCARPH) project, and the former Executive Director of the Manila Observatory. Watch GEMMA: A RESEARCHER’S LEGACY on

“What is the relationship between pollution and clouds? Are rainfall patterns changing? How? And how would that affect crops, food security and, in the end… us? Find out about the research of an atmospheric scientist and her legacy.”

Gemma: A Researcher’s Legacy, documentary film by Rafael Luis Méndez Peña

This post was arranged by Ina Salas / CCARPH Project Management

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