RISK, RESILIENCE, AND SOCIAL INEQUALITY: Two Collaborative Science Communication Projects between CCARPH and Areté

A Play with Songs in Five Acts

Science and art meet a common ground in science communication projects. This common ground comes to life as the Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines (CCARPH) project partners with Areté, the creative and innovation hub of the Ateneo de Manila University, to make scientific findings relatable to the public. Two science communication projects address this collaborative venture. The first is a staged reading of a play with songs entitled Azul: Ang Sirena ng Sigwa (Azul: The Mermaid of the Storm). Azul is a dramatization of what happens to our world and the lives of three main characters when humans overexploit nature. The second is an animated lecture on Risk and Resilience in the City, a recorded presentation of scientific findings performed in voice and lively illustrations. The recorded outputs will appear in July 2021 on the CCARPH and Areté websites, on Facebook and YouTube, and whenever possible, on online educational platforms. 

Ricardo Abad, Areté Artistic Director, leads both projects.

Ricardo Abad, Areté Artistic Director

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