Resilience Toolkit team meet regarding website’s soft launch

Last June 28, 2021, the CCARPH Resilience Toolkit Team / Project Management met to finalize the Synthesis Report and Resilience Toolkit of the Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines (CCARPH) project. In addition to this, initial plans were also made for the soft launch of the CCARPH Resilience Toolkit website, which aims to provide a database of tools and technologies to help disaster management planners, risk resilience practitioners, and local government units build climate and disaster risk resilience.

Present at the meeting were Dr. Emma Porio, Project Lead and Principal Investigator, Ms. Evelyn Paul (RT copyeditor), Mr. John Allanegui (RT Writer and Editor), Ms. Ina Salas (Research Assistant, Project Management and web editor),  and Ms. Joy Rocamora (Research Associate and web developer). The Resilience Toolkit is slated to be launched by late July.

From L-R (1st row) John Allanegui, Joy Rocamora, Ina Salas (2nd row) Evelyn Paul, and Dr. Emma Porio.

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