CCARPH Scientists Present in the Forum for Academic Partners

CCARPH Scientists presented before 6 Manila universities in the Academic Forum for the Resilient Local Government Unit Program at the invitation of the National Resilience Council. Along with Ms. Antonia Yulo Loyzaga (President, National Resilience Council and CCARPH Co-Principal Investigator and Work Package 3 Leader) who gave the opening message were Dr. Emma Porio (CCARPH Project Leader, Principal Investigator, and Work Package 1.2 Leader), Fr. Jett Villarin (CCARPH Project Holder, 2018-2020) and Dr. Greg Tangonan (CCARPH Work Package 3 Leader), who presented on the Social Vulnerability Index, Climate Risk based on IPCC AR6, and Evacuation Planning respectively.

Also in attendance were representatives from De La Salle University, Far Eastern University, Lyceum of the Philippines, National University, MAPUA, and Universidad de Manila. The Academic Forum aims to “identify potential synergies and explore areas of collaboration” in order to implement projects that have been approved for the City of Manila.

CCARPH Scientists in attendance, highlighted on the first row.

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