Resilience Matters: Voices from the CSOs and Community Partners

Last November 22, the Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines Project, led by Dr. Emma Porio, hosted Resilience Matters: Voices from CSOs and Community Partners. This dialogue, held at the CCARPH area of the Arete Sandbox, was a follow-up to the Conversations on Climate and Disaster Resilience (read more about it here) which took place last August 18.

Representatives from The Mother Earth Foundation, Justice Cecilia Muñoz Palma High School, Student Catholic Action of the Philippines, Center for Positive Futures, St. Joseph’s College, and Barangay Loyola Heights were on hand to present their plans for a more resilient Philippines — plans which are also aligned with the 7 goals of Laudato Si’. Bi-annual meetings by the group are currently in the pipeline in order to give updates on their progress, as well as to promote, and ensure, stronger linkages between academic groups, CSOs, LGUs, and other community partners.

This event is part of CCARPH’s new phase which includes institutionalization and information dissemination. For updates on upcoming events, visit our Resilience Toolkit, and follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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  1. Thank you, Joy! Did you send the poster to the Blueboard last Tuesday for the Ateneo Community and for our boss, Fr. Bobby to take note? Best, Emma


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