Buklod Tao visit to Ateneo Innovation Center (AIC) for Water Quality Test Technology

Buklod Tao founder Manuel Alcantara Abinales visited the Ateneo Innovation Center (AIC) last May 6, 2019, Monday to access technology that will test the rainwater supply of the Buklod Tao Center.

Mr. Abinales spoke with AIC Operations Manager Engr. Paul Cabacungan regarding  water testing technology.  During the visit, Engr. Paul explained the procedure to Mr. Abinales. He also turned over one packet containing four units of “Compact Dry EC” (ecolli and Colifore) and three sets of disposable syringes for the use of Buklod Tao.

Water testing was done the next day, with Mr. Abinales testing the drums filled with harvested rainwater from the roof of their medium-rise building, the Buklod Tao Center. He was able to test a modest amount of rainwater that was collected from the drum.

The images below are from Mr. Abinales’ visit to AIC, and his collection of the rainwater, respectively.



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