Project Research Team, Advisers, and Principal Investigators in CCARPH Year-end Meeting

CCARPH Project Research Team (Work Package Leaders), Project Advisers, and Principal Investigators cap off the year with updates and project assessment meetings. On November 26, 2020, the Research Team met to discuss recent updates of the project, together with accomplishments for the past three years of CCARPH.   The group converged again for a final year-end meeting on December 16, 2020, to discuss institutionalization updates and ways forward for the project.

In both meetings, Work Package teams were well-represented in this meeting including Principal Investigators Dr. Emma Porio, Ms. Antonia Yulo Loyzaga, and Ms. Jessica Dator-Bercilla, as well as Project Advisers, Dr. Fabian Dayrit, and Dr. Anna Marie Karaos.

For more information about the CCARPH project, visit, or reach us at

This post was arranged by Ina Salas / CCARPH Project Management Team

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