Deepening Systems Thinking (DST) Certificate Course

The National Resilience Council (NRC) is currently in its Year 2, Adapt Phase of the Resilient Local Government Unit Program. In the Adapt Phase, the NRC addresses the Adapt Question, “How can we change existing systems to PREVENT and minimize the impacts of future disasters?”. To answer this requires an in-depth understanding of the existing executive and legislative agenda as well as policy tools of the LGU such as the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP), Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan (LDRRMP), and Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP), among others. Fundamentally, these tools frame the system that is required to reduce risk and achieve resilience.

Accordingly, the NRC in partnership with the Ateneo de Manila University and Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines Project offered the Deepening Systems Thinking (DST) Certificate Course. The Course is aimed at the multidisciplinary teams of the local government and academic partners. Structured within the local government planning cycle and timeline, the programme aims to build LGU competencies for implementing risk-informed and resilience-driven  solutions. Through this course, the local governments, together with their academic partners, were able to analyze the interconnection of their Hazards, Exposures, Vulnerabilities and Capacities within the context of their localities, craft their own influence diagrams, and  identify and prioritize appropriate and relevant Programs, Projects and Activities (PPAs) as part of their rationalized planning system. The PPAs they have identified will then be integrated into their Annual Investment Plan.

This 5-day executive programme was delivered in five intensive teaching modules. Each of the teaching modules features lectures and workshops led by experts with direct governmental and civic experience on resilience. Through these sessions, participants were exposed to the latest analysis, strategy, and delivery tools to change existing systems to reduce risk and achieve resilience.

In photo: speakers of Day 5 of the Deepening Systems Thinking (DST) Certificate Course
In photo: speakers of the Deepening Systems Thinking (DST) Certificate Course

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